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It’s Almost Turtle Season On The Gold Coast

It’s almost turtle season in Queensland coast when Loggerhead, Green, Flatback and Leatherback female turtles return for what can be, their first visit back to the beach they were born on up to 30 years before.

September Gold Coast School Holiday Activities

One of the reasons the Gold Coast is so popular as a school holiday destination is the huge array of September Gold Coast School Holiday Activities on offer.

Miami Accommodation Gold Coast: Where Not To Take Your Selfie Stick

Few pieces of technology have been a source of more irritation than the much-maligned selfie stick. What started out as a tool to help you take a better self-portrait has quickly become the bane of many tourist locations. Know when to leave your selfie stick at your Miami Accommodation Gold Coast

Where To Find The Best Coffee Gold Coast

Getting away from it all on the sunny Gold Coast doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your daily caffeine fix.

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