Wish you could experience summer all year round? You don’t need to head to the Northern Hemisphere to say goodbye to those winter blues!

Get your fill of vitamin D on the Gold Coast, where water temperatures average at 19 degrees even in the heart of winter. Sure, you can continue lugging your umbrella and wool coat to work if you want, but based on the ennui with which you’ve been staring out the window, it looks like you’d welcome a little sunshine-filled holiday!

What’s so great about a Gold Coast winter?

The average temperature during a Gold Coast winter is 25 degrees – the perfect summer temperature in most places around the world. Queensland averages around 300 days of sunshine year round. Woah! Due to the Gold Coast’s tropical climate, the region experiences the least amount of rainfall between June and August, and the evenings are cooler and dryer than they are during other seasons. Plus, the water’s warm enough for swimming and surfing.

What Can You Do On A Gold Coast Winter Holiday?

  • Participate in the Gold Coast Marathon. Sign up for this amazing yearly event and complete the 10km walk, a half marathon, or the full marathon. You’ll get a great sense of the Gold Coast culture and can reward yourself with a big meal afterwards.
  • Go whale watching. Winter is whale-watching season, and something you shouldn’t miss if you travel to the Gold Coast this time of year. Sign up for a whale-watching cruise to catch a glimpse of some majestic humpback wales before your holiday comes to a close.
  • Visit theme parks. If you love a good roller coaster or water slide, winter is the ideal time to take a trip to the theme parks that pique your interest. Everything will be less crowded, so you can skip to the front of the queue!
  • Explore the rainforests. The Gold Coast is home to plenty of rainforest hiking trails, which are much more comfortable to tackle in the winter. If hiking isn’t for you, make sure you still visit one of the national parks to experience the lush natural beauty the Gold Coast has to offer.
  • Learn to surf. This classic Gold Coast holiday activity is something you can try all year round, but since beaches are less crowded in winter, it’s easier to get out there with an instructor. Check out our blog post to find out which spots we’d recommend for surf lessons.

Now that the promise of summer in winter has you browsing flights to the Gold Coast, make your holiday official by booking your accommodation with Grande Florida Resort. See you this winter!