The Gold Coast is a gorgeous getaway year round, but like any tourist hotspot, it changes from season to season depending on weather and events.

The best time to visit the Gold Coast all depends on your personal preference; are you up for sharing the shore with other visitors, or do you relish your alone time? To help you decide when to plan your Gold Coast holiday, pick the description below that resonates with you most!

The Bustling Party Scene: September – November

Between an influx of new grads for “Schoolies Week” and the motorsport lovers attending Gold Coast 600, spring is a hectic season for the Gold Coast. If you’re the type who lives by the statement, “The more the merrier!” you may enjoy the scene this time of year, but if you’d like a little peace and quiet during your trip, avoid October through the first week of December.

The Classic Hot Beach Holiday: December – February

You’ll definitely get a tan this time of year! The Gold Coast is incredibly hot and humid during summer, so you’ll want to spend most of your time in the water. Summer is a great season to book surfing lessons or take a jet ski out for a spin, just make sure you stay hydrated and load on the SPF.

The Tranquil Getaway: March – May

Autumn is possibly the most ideal time to visit the Gold Coast, so if you can swing it with your schedule, start planning an autumnal holiday! The weather is cooling off, but still warm, and there’s less rain during this season than any other time of the year. Plus, with kids back in school, you’ll have the beach to yourself.

The Fresh & Cool Holiday: June – August

Not only is the Gold Coast winter more bearable for those new to tropical climates, it’s also the season of whale watching. June can be a bit busy due to school holidays and the Queen’s Birthday, but later in the season you won’t have any issues booking tickets to attractions. Gold Coast winter weather can still feel summery, so if you love to swim, you’ll still get a chance to go for a dip during your holiday.

No matter which season you choose to travel to the Gold Coast, you’re sure to have an amazing holiday! For information on Gold Coast accommodation and planning your stay, take a look at our apartment options or contact us for one-on-one assistance.