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Swim Between The Flags

The beach is a dynamic, ever-changing environment. Although it can be very fun, it can also be unpredictable and dangerous to people who are unaware


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The Bluebottle, is a common, if unwelcome, summer visitor to beaches. Lifesavers have been forced to close several beaches because the crest of bluebottles acting

10 Things To Do On Your Gold Coast Family Holiday

Looking for family friendly things to do on your next Gold Coast family holiday? Here’s 10 of the most popular activities that the GC has to offer.

Gold Coast Attractions: Things To Do In Currumbin

Located just a 15-minute drive from The Grande Florida Resort, Currumbin is a beautiful Gold Coast Attractions seaside suburb offering a wealth of things to see and do during your Gold Coast holiday.

The Best Guide On How To Overcome Jet Lag

Don’t waste time trying to adjust your clock when you’re on holiday. Read the best guide on how to overcome jetlag and enjoy you’re your holiday without losing out.

Save Money – Know The Best Time To Visit The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is a gorgeous getaway year round, but like any tourist hotspot, it changes from season to season depending on weather and events.

How to Handle Tropical Weather on Your Gold Coast Holiday

If you’re unaccustomed to any sort of tropical climate, it’s best to know what to expect before you embark on your Gold Coast holiday.

How to Enjoy the Gold Coast on a Budget

Your Gold Coast holiday doesn’t have to be studded with twilight cruises and fancy dinners in order for you to have a great time.

Where To Take Surf Lessons on the Gold Coast

Your Gold Coast holiday is the perfect time to venture outside of your comfort zone and finally tick “learn to surf” off your bucket list.

There’s More to Miami…

Just a few kilometres up the road rom the beach is Miami Village Shopping Centre, where you will find more to explore. For Miami Medical

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